Berridge Panels

berridge67x75Since 1993 Metal Panel Systems, Inc. has been fabricating roof systems under the exclusive Berridge Licensee Program. MPSI currently has the equipment to manufacture the five Berridge profiles shown below. Most panels have the ability of being field formed in continuous lengths.
MPSI is your source for the complete line of Berridge products and warranties.

Cee-Lock Panel

  • 1-1/2″ seam height
  • Integral snap-lock sidelap
  • Option of patented vinyl weatherseal insert


Zee-Lock Panel

  • 2″ seam height
  • Mechanically seamed sidelap
  • Minimum slope 1/2:12 (consult MPSI)
  • Structural panel ideal for open framing
  • Curving available



  • 1″ seam height
  • Snap-on seasm with patented vinyl weatherseal insert
  • Available curved, tapered and compound curved/tapered
  • Requires solid lsubstrate


High Seam Tee-Panel

  • 1-1/2″ seam height
  • Snap-on seam with patented vinyl weatherseal insert
  • Available curved and tapered
  • Ideal for large barrel roof structures


L-Panel Soffit/Wall

  • 1″ deep flush panel
  • Use for soffits, fascias and wall applications
  • Venting rows available


See Berridge Color Chart  

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