MIG-6 Continuous Gutter

The Metal Panel Systems MIG-6 Gutter System is a traditional K-Style gutter design, but with added capacity that includes being 6” wide across the top and 3-7/8” at the bottom.  The nearly 4” bottom allows for a 3”x4” downspout with the capacity to shed water from a low-sloped roof area up to 4,400 square feet.  Metal Panel Systems designed the back of the MIG-6 gutter to be 1.25 inches higher than the front edge, which forces water to leave the front of the gutter in a heavy downpour or if the downspouts become clogged.  The extra high back of the MIG-6 gutter prevents water from entering the roof system on the back side of the gutter.  This gives a building owner (or homeowner) added peace of mind and is a selling point used by many contractors.  Additionally, Metal Panel systems manufactures the MIG-6 in a high quality Kynar coated paint finish.  It is guaranteed to perform for many years making it a solid choice for both commercial as well as residential applications.  The MIG-6 can be manufactured in .032 aluminum and 20 or 16-ounce copper. 

More Information

Metal Panel Systems provides a complete MIG-6 gutter package by offering many accessories including matching premanufactured end caps, heavy duty galvanized steel hidden hangers, custom miters, custom painted rivets, matching sealant, outlet tubes, and expansion joint covers. Additionally, we offer pre-punched steel under gutter brackets for added durability and strength. These brackets can be custom painted to match the finish of the gutter.

MIG-6 gutters are fabricated in standard lengths of 30 or 40 feet. Continuous custom lengths are also available up to 53’. Purchasing gutters in custom lengths reduces seams, decreases leak points, and increases install efficiency. Metal panel systems will deliver gutters and downspouts directly to your job site, please contact us to receive a quotation or to schedule a delivery.

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