MPS Sure-Lok Panels

The Sure-Lok Panel has a traditional look with a time proven seam profile. This versatile panel allows designers esthetic flexibility without compromising the integrity of the roof system. From low to steep slope, straight to curved, structural to architectural applications, the Sure-Lok Panel is the perfect choice for a multifaceted project.

Striated Profile
  • Standard seam height 1-1/2″. Seam height of 1″ also available
  • Architectural (solid substrate) or structural applications
  • Mechanically seamed sidelap with option of single or double lock
  • Low to high sloped roof application
  • Continuous panel lengths. Field forming available
  • ASTM E-1680-95 air infiltration tested
  • ASTM E-1646-95 water penetration tested
  • ASTM E-1592 tested for structural performance
  • UL90 uplift resistance classified assemblies
  • Curving: Sure-Lok panel can be curved to a minimum radius of 9′-0″ in steel and 4′-0″ in aluminum and copper
  • Tapering: Sure-Lok panel can be tapered for conical shaped roofs
  • Roof seamer rental information


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