FP-100 Panel

Metal Panel Systems FP-100 Panel is a 12” wide flush seam panel. It can be used for soffit, wall, and liner applications.  It can be installed over solid substrate or on open framing (36” o.c.).  Ideal applications include vertical fascias, soffit, equipment screens, and mansard walls.  This panel has flush seam connections with hidden fasteners.  The FP-100 Panel is available with perforated vent strips for soffit vent applications.

The FP-100 Panel comes with a 30-Year Silicone-Modified Polyester (SMP) finish in 30 standard colors (see warranty page for details), as well as an optional 35-Year Kynar 500® finish warranty.  The FP-100 Panel is available in smooth, striated, pencil rib, and bead rib surface patterns.

On all installations, panels should be allowed to expand and contract freely.  Please see Submittal Sheets for available materials, colors, and widths, as well as the six venting options available.

More Information

  • Versatile panel for soffit, fascia, façade, and walls
  • Install over solid substrate or open framing (up to 36” o.c.)
  • Available smooth or with pencil ribs
  • Venting: two rows of perforations for soffit venting
  • Panels expand and contract freely
  • Flush seam connections with hidden fasteners
  • Roll-formed to exact lengths
  • Standard finish is PVDF fluoropolymer coating in 30 standard colors (custom colors available)
  • 35 Year finish warranty for Kynar 500® finish
  • Net free vent area for vented panels (2 rows of perforations) is 6.04 square inches per lineal foot. Option of 3 rows of vents for 9.07 square inches per lineal foot of net free area (aluminum only)
  • Two rows of vents are standard.
  • One and three rows of venting options for additional setup fee





24 ga. Steel


16”, 18”

22 ga. Steel



.032” Aluminum



.040” Aluminum



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