Premier PBR Panel

The Metal Panel Systems Premier PBR Panel is an industrial grade exposed fastener structural metal roof system that can be used both for roof and wall applications.  The Premier PBR Panel is available in both 24 GA and 26 GA Steel making it a durable choice for your industrial needs.  The 24 GS structural panel can be installed over open framing with spans up to 60”.  The Premier PRR Panel has a 1-1/4” rib height and a coverage area of 36” with custom lengths up to 40 feet.   Each panel contains 4 ribs that are spaced 12 inches apart.  There are also 6 stiffening ribs located on each panel to eliminate the chance of oil canning.  Please see the Technical Data Sheet for additional information.  

More Information

The 24 GA PBR panels are available in several Kynar colors, while 26 GA is available in a variety of Silicone Modified Polyester (SMP) paint finishes.  Paint warranties are up to 35 years with he KYNAR finish and 30 years with the SMP finish.

The ease of installation also makes the Premier PBR Panel an excellent choice for soffit or wall panels.   On most buildings, waste is eliminated on soffits and walls because Metal Panel Systems custom fabricates the panel lengths instead of manufacturing them in 10 or 12 foot sections

Metal Panel Systems offers a full line of standard trim packages including corners, eaves, rakes, hips and ridges.  We will also manufacture custom trims upon request.   Available accessories include foam closures and painted (to match) gasketed screws. The Premier PBR Panel should be installed with Ultra HT underlayment.

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