Application Notes       

Underlayment Installation Instructions/Details

G100-GPS Eave with Gutter – EIFS Wall

G100-PS Eave – EIFS Wall

G101-GPS Eave with Gutter – No Soffit

G101-PS Eave – No Soffit

G102-GPS Eave with Gutter – Soffit Panel

G102-PS Eave – Soffit Panel

G103-GPS Eave with Gutter – Soffit Panel

G103-PS Eave – Soffit Panel

G105-PS Squared Eave – Soffit Panel

G106-PS Eave with Flush Fascia Panel

G107-PS Eave with Standing Seam Fascia Panel

G108-PS Eave at Membrane Roof Transition

G200-PS Hip/Ridge

G201-PS Vented Ridge

G202-PS Vented Ridge (Alternate)

G210-PS Std. Ridge to Vent Ridge Transition

G211-PS Ridge Termination into Valley (plan view)

G212-PS Ridge Termination into Valley (side view)

G299-PS Peak Vented

G300-PS Peak at Flat Roof Transition

G301-PS Peak at Membrane Roof   

G302-PS Peak at Wall Panel   

G303-PS Peak Vented (Alt 1)

G304-PS Peak Vented (Alt 2)

G305-PS Peak Coping

G308-PS Peak Coping

G400-PS Vented Highwall 

G402-PS Highwall with Masonry Reglet

G403-PS Highwall with EIFS Wall

G404-PS Vented Highwall (Alternative)

G520-PS Sidewall with J-channel Trim

G600-PS Gable with EIFS

G601-PS Gable with Fascia Trim

G602-PS Gable with Fascia & Soffit Panel

G603-PS Gable with Fascia & Soffit Panel

G605-PS Gable with Fascia & Fascia Panel

G700-PS Valley Detail

G700-PS Valley Detail (Alt 1)

G701-PS Valley Detail (Alt 2)

G800-PS Lowwall Detail

Curb Details (isometric)

Pipe Penetration Detail

Details Full Set

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